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Vice President of QC Media

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Kaiguang Liu

Vice President of QC Media, General Manager of publicity and distribution

Inner Mongolia University

Former Region Manager at Wanda Pictures, former Distribution Director at Le Pictures, former Director and investment Director at Maoyan Pictures.

When he worked in Wanda pictures, he was responsible for marketing work in three regions of Wanda Cinema. After joining Le pictures, he participated in releasing more than 30 films, such as Boonie Bears, The Expendables 3 and Tiny Times 1.0. In 2015, he joined the Maoyan Pictures and was fully responsible for the publicity and distribution of projects such as Mr. Donkey, I am Not Madame Bovary , Sky on Fire and Buddies in India, etc., and led the Maoyan Pictures to complete the business of transformation from platform to publicity and distribution.