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Vice President of QC Media

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Minghui Zhao

Vice President of QC Media, Producer

Beijing Technology and Business University

Former Executive Producer at Huayi Brothers, Vice President and Producer at Pegasus Media

Served in Huayi Brothers, responsible for Huayi brothers advertising shooting, executive production and advertising investment promotion. As Huayi Brothers entered the film industry, he participated in numerous films such as "A World Without Thieves" and "Kekexili: Mountain Patrol". After joining Pagasus Media, he took full control of the company's film production projects and produced many successful projects, such as "Call for Love", "Crossed Lines", "Switch", "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny", "The Third Way of Love", "Battle of Myeongryang", "Nuts", "Polar" and many other excellent works.