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Pelé: Birth of a Legend

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Pelé: Birth of a Legend(2016)
Director:Jeff Zimbalist / Michael Zimbalist
Screenwriter:Jeff Zimbalist / Michael Zimbalist
Starring: Kevin de Paula/ Leonardo Lima Carvalho / Seu Jorge / Mariana Nunes /


Pelé: Birth of a Legend(2016)

Director:Jeff Zimbalist / Michael Zimbalist

Screenwriter:Jeff Zimbalist / Michael Zimbalist

Starring: Kevin de Paula/ Leonardo Lima Carvalho / Seu Jorge / Mariana Nunes / Milton Gonçalves

Type:  Biography , Drama , Sport 

Producing Country / Territory: United States

Language: English

Release date: 2018-09-07(Mainland China) / 2016-04-23(Tribeca Film Festival) / 2016-05 -13(United States)

Film length: 107 minutes

Also known as: Pelé

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